Change Management That Drives Acceptance

Successfully transition your organization to a state where changes to processes or policy are adopted — and those changes actually stick.

(Even if leadership and employees aren’t on the same page yet)

Leadership Development That Enhances Existing Talent

Develop the next generation of leaders in your organization by equipping skilled employees with the ability to competently manage their teams and confidently make decisions that improve the organization.

Facilitation That Aligns Everyone To A Common Goal

Leverage the presence of an objective facilitator to create a collaborative, trusting environment where the best ideas get shared and your team becomes laser-focused on the primary objectives  (free from distractions, office politics, or ego clashes).

In the knowledge economy, the employee is your most critical asset.

That’s why business leaders, managers, and HR professionals seek our guidance to solve the wide array of people challenges that can arise.

If you are concerned employees will resist an upcoming organizational initiative and you want to implement a robust change management strategy (but don’t have the internal resources available to make the changes stick)…

North Star can light the path to a strategy that makes staff feel comfortable with the way changes are rolled out.

If you are unsure how to create an effective leadership development program for employees in your leadership pipeline to ensure your future is in the hands of leaders with technical expertise and the soft skills necessary to manage personnel wisely…

North Star can point the way to – and fully implement – training that prepares select employees for the mental rigors of management and closes the soft vs. hard skills gap

If you are worried about the long-term consequences of unproductive meetings, tedious planning sessions that don’t lead to implementation or strong personalities that derail collaboration…

North Star can guide your organization to a facilitation solution that leverages careful pre-planning and structured sessions by an impartial party to engage all perspectives, expose strengths and challenges, and reach common ground on the best path forward

  • Change Management

  • Training Delivery

  • Leadership Development & Assessment

  • Project Management

  • Performance Management Strategy

  • Survey Development & Analysis

  • Facilitation, Focus Groups & Interviews

  • Process Improvement

How We Problem-Solve

We are not the kind of hands-off firm that recommends generic, off-the-shelf solutions and then expects you to implement on your own.

Instead, we serve as consultative partners who tailor every solution to your unique organizational culture. Only after we gain an in-depth understanding of the issue – and offer a fresh perspective you may not have previously considered – do we develop a solution.

The combination of our proprietary implementation process and accountability standards offers a reliable structure that provides you with the clarity to take the next steps that are right for your organization while receiving follow-up from us to deliver the results you expect.